Found Poetry

A few years ago I took a course in college called Creative Writing in the Community. We were asked to choose a specific group and create course materials to then teach and encourage them to write. I chose a group of individuals from Aspire Health, who struggled with addictions and mental health issues.

Each week my group was presented with a different writing challenge. One particular assignment I was terrible with and I am still terrible with is poetry. However, my partner in this endeavor introduced me to something called Found Poetry. Essentially you circle words from a page in a book, magazine or a newspaper. You then come up with a poem from your selections.

It was an extremely rewarding experience and it personally meant a lot to me because of my own family’s struggles with addictions and mental health issues. I was looking through some old paperwork and came across the student’s end of semester chapbook.The following is a poem I found taking pieces of my student’s material.

I am the coffee

I’ve been weak but made strong.

Admired and loyal,

I am set in my ways.

Why am I here?

The creator.

She works as a writer.

Full of force.

She glances with appreciation.

Here I am.

Still. Vigilant.

She’s a very big voice in my life.

A great impression.

A voice in society.

Sometimes I watch you just to watch you.

Exhausted. A mother’s love never ends.

She approaches. I am grateful.

Who knows what my fate will be.


I encourage you all to grab some material and come up with a poem of your own! Send them to me I would love to see them!


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