Our Trip to California: Part Four

Good morning dear ones!

Today the four of us were heading down to Sea Port Village and the marina. It was another beautiful day in California, the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky and it was breezy by the port. We started out passing by a submarine that was docked next to a big ferry boat. I had never seen a submarine before and the Beatles played in my head as I walked past it. The Ferry Boat Berkeley was next to the sub and is a registered historical landmark. The sign stated that it was built by the famous Union Iron Works of San Francisco in 1898 and operated until 1958 as part of the San Francisco Bay Ferry System. It is the oldest steel-hulled ferry on the west coast and the earliest double-ended ferry boat to survive with her original historic fabric intact. The next boat in line looked like an old pirate ship named the Star of India. They had turned it into a Maritime Museum and tourists and natives alike were allowed on board to see the history within. Kids waved out of the holes lined along the navy blue bottom of the boat with cheesy grins on their face.

Down the walkway and past the Street Pier was the biggest ship I have ever seen. The Midway was an aircraft carrier for the United States Navy and was the lead ship of its class. It operated for 47 years where it saw action in the Vietnam War and served as the Persian Gulf flagship in 1991’s Operation Desert Storm according to Wikipedia. It is now a massive floating museum where you can take tours and get a glimpse of the aircrafts on board. While looking up research on the Midway I thought it was pretty cool to learn that in November 2012 a college basketball game between the Syracuse Orange and the San Diego Aztecs was played on the flight deck. Syracuse won, 62-49. There was a Tom Cruise look-a-like standing in front of the Midway which prompted Matt and I start singing danger zone. He was a pretty damn good look-a-like too! Not bad on the eyes if you know what I mean ladies!

I was super excited to see the Kiss Heard Around the World Statue my friend Roger told me about. You might know the iconic picture of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square, it is one of my favorite images. Roger had a business trip to San Diego a few weeks before and said it was pretty amazing. Surrounding the statue were cherry trees, the sign read, “this planting of flowering cherry trees is a living symbol of the lasting friendship and heartfelt appreciation between the people of Japan and San Diego.” The statue was huge and couples surrounded it trying to replicate the dip and kiss of the iconic image. Matt wouldn’t dip me but I did get a smooch. There was also a National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military where a bronzed statue of Bob Hope at the microphone stood before an audience of bronzed men of the navy, his stand up playing in the background making everyone laugh.

Past the marina is Sea Port Village where little shops line the walkways. A man played the Jazz Flute at the center of the little village, where everyone congregated to eat and drink in the shade of the big trees. I started cracking up thinking of Will Ferrell playing the Jazz Flute as Ron Burgundy! My personal favorite shop was this one that contained shelves full of coffee mugs. Hundreds of coffee mugs…my sanctuary, it just needed the smell of coffee brewing and I would have never left. After a nice afternoon of walking around we hit up Starbucks on our way to our next destination: The Dirty Parts Festival in Lakeside. Poor Cesar had to work so Elyse dropped him off while Matt and I had explored Seaport Village, we were meeting up with the family at the Lakeside Rodeo where the concert was being held.

Sitting in the bleachers, listening to these awesome bands play, the sun was warming my back and my beer and surprisingly I wasn’t hot. I was surrounded by my second family, watching them dance and laugh brought me such joy. Miller Lite and sweet popcorn was in full effect as we watched people pass by and make their way down to the stage. A lady in all white stopped to rest on the bleachers next to us and laid down. A ring on every finger, her nails were painted ocean blue and her feet bare as she crossed one foot over the other. This was Cali life. Relaxing in the sun, listening to good music, drinking beer with great people. The sun was setting on our fourth day here and just beyond the bleachers you could see the mountains changing colors in the background. Elyse, aunt Maggie and I danced in the bleachers to one of my new favorite bands, New Politics who put on one hell of a show!

After the concert we headed to our hotel Pops got us so we can head out the next morning to Los Angeles. But first we stopped by Jack in the Box for some late night munchies. Matt likes to call it “The J in the B.” We ate so much food. Once we made it to the hotel Elyse ran out and got us some beers while I tried to get the internet to connect to my tablet so we could watch Game of Thrones. Stupid internet was not cooperating so we just watched TV instead. It wasn’t long after that Matt having a full stomach passed right out and Elyse and I sat in our beds with a beer in hand. Matt started snoring and we both giggled. “Matt can’t hang.” I said. “No, not like us.” Elyse laughed, reaching her beer across the nightstand between us. We clinked our beers together and went on watching Family Guy.

I missed moments like this. My best friend. I didn’t want to go home tomorrow, I wanted to stay here and hang out with my friend. I went to bed hoping my flight would be cancelled and we could stay another day.


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