Our Trip to California: Part Five

Good morning!

On Sunday I woke up to what was our last day in California. The sun peeked through the curtains of the hotel where we all lay. Matt was snoring so loud and Elyse was wrapped up in the big red hotel blanket like a burrito. I was up first and attempted to make coffee from the teeny coffee maker. It ended up overflowing all over the bathroom counter and I ended up running in and out of the bathroom with towels trying my hardest not to bust out laughing and wake the others. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the stupid thing off! I unplugged it but it was definitely too late at this point. Once I finally got everything cleaned up I went to sip my “nectar of the gods” and it was just plain awful. So it ended up being a big waste of time and I was bummed that I didn’t have my favorite morning beverage. Once the other sleepy heads woke up it was time to start our drive back to Los Angeles towards LAX.

Of course our first stop needed to be coffee and ended up on a hunt for the nearest Starbucks. We originally wanted to go to IHOP but had forgotten that it was Father’s Day and the place was packed, luckily we spotted a Starbucks across the street. We sat with our coffee and bagels inside and chatted about how we wanted to come back next summer. Matt and I both agree that is definitely happening! Once our stomachs were full it was back on the road for the long drive to L.A.

We knew we were short on time but Elyse wanted us to go to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and do the touristy thing before we left. We definitely thought we could be ninjas and get it done before the flight but we hit some traffic and time was not on our side. So at the last minute we decided to get off at the next exit and head to the airport. Unbeknownst to us however we took an exit that put us on the outskirts of Compton. Matt wanted a soda before the flight so we stopped at the closest gas station. That in itself was quite an experience. I kept telling them to be cool because they were a bit nervous of our surroundings. HAHA! As we were leaving this guy came up and said, “hey man hey, you think I can get some change?” I told him I didn’t have any, which was true and he was like “come on man just a penny, you don’t have any pennies? What about in your car?” I almost died laughing…I told him sorry bro and headed back to Elyse’s car where we all started busting out laughing and the guy went on to the other patrons at the gas pump.

We found our way back to the highway and it was on to the airport. The stupid airport with the stupid plane that was going to take us back home and away from my friend. Elyse parked and walked us inside and we thought we’d at least be able to grab some lunch before we left but she couldn’t go past the security with us. We hugged and said our goodbyes and got onto the escalator where I immediately started crying. Matt rubbed my shoulder and gave me a hug. He pulled me to the side once we were upstairs and gave me a big hug and told me not to worry because we would come back soon. I made him promise, pulled myself together and fought back tears through the security line. I know I’m a big baby but I don’t care. Matt and I grabbed some lunch inside the terminal and sat down to watch some Game of Thrones before our flight arrived.

The flight home wasn’t so bad, Matt and I were both tired and he ended up falling asleep for a little bit. I watched as the sky went from day to night, the mountains were gone and the ocean was under us. The time change to me is amazing. We live in such a unique world and I think people take that for granted. We were over Louisiana when Matt woke up and we were both excited to see Lucy (my sweet dog). We missed seeing her face everyday.

Finally we landed and my friend Breana who had been house sitting for us came to pick us up. We got into the car and both Matt and I realized just how flat Florida is. It was hot and muggy out and even Breana laughed as she said, “Welcome back!” We got home and had high hopes of reuniting with Lucy… she was more interested in the burgers we brought home. What a punk. It was time for bed and tomorrow we would wake up to our everyday lives here in Florida. That night we went to sleep dreaming of California, the time spent with family and we planned our trip for next summer.

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